Great news for Zoom whitening in Los Angeles: Dr Charlie has found that 2 sessions of 25 minutes rather than 3 sessions of 15 minutes provides better results with less sensitivity. Come in an experience our River Rapid Whitening with Zoom whitening in Los Angeles!

Zoom is great for anyone looking to brighten there smile, before getting started with any whitening systems you want to discuss treatment with your dentist to make sure you would be a good candidate. Keep in mind that if you have any bonding material on your teeth or dental crowns you may need to change them later to match your new brighter teeth because whitening does not change the bonding or crown color.

Great Result for Zoom Whitening in Los Angeles

We put all our patients on Sensodine for about 2 weeks prior to doing Zoom whitening to help with sensitivity. We also recommend using Flouridex as part of patient’s daily dental routine. At any case, sensitivity after Zoom is temporary and usually last only a few days.

Hurry and book your Zoom whitening in Los Angeles appointment to get these amazing results. $89 offer only lasts until the end of the month, prices will go up! Enjoy the best deal on Zoom whitening in Los Angeles before it’s gone. Call us today!