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Having shiny, bright, perfect, white teeth has become a norm and is associated with confidence and good hygiene. Composite white tooth fillings and dental veneers in LA offer a quick and cost-effective way to restore the natural beauty of a healthy smile. River Dentistry – the premiere cosmetic dentistry in LA specializing in white composite tooth fillings and dental veneers in LA guarantees painless affordable treatment and high quality long-lusting results.

The first step to proper cosmetic dentistry tooth fillings or dental veneers treatment is through a comprehensive examination by a highly skilled dentist. River Dentistry is the leading Los Angeles dental practice providing patients in the Downtown, City of Los Angeles, and surrounding areas with affordable and high-quality services.

Preserve Your Teeth with White Composite Tooth Fillings in LA

Inlays and bonds are tooth-colored white composite tooth fillings placed in or on a tooth. Only the affected area is removed, so this is a more conservative method of dental restoration requiring less drilling and often no anesthetic. The white composite tooth fillings resin is painlessly and securely fused to the tooth with a special light. Later on, these tooth-colored white composite tooth fillings may also be repaired if chipped or stained. These white composite tooth fillings blend well with your natural white teeth, so they are much less noticeable.

Brighten Your Smile with Dental Veneers in LA

Glamorous white teeth have become a symbol of good health and prosperity in the image-conscious Los Angeles and Orange County. Sometimes, when your teeth have been stained or chipped due to health-related causes or accidents, whitening or white composite tooth fillings may not be enough to restore a perfect smile. In such cases, Dr. Charles Huang – the premiere expert on dental veneers in LA may recommend using dental veneers as a way to completely transform your smile. Like a protective barrier, dental veneers are placed in front of your teeth, providing you with a new brighter straighter more beautiful smile.

During your first office visit, Dr. Charles Huang will examine and discuss with you your current dental health and the dental health and cosmetic goals you are hoping to achieve. Then, he will determine what size, shape, and type of dental veneers (porcelain or composite) are best for you in order to perfectly complement your smile, face shape, and desired aesthetic outcome.

Then Dr. Huang will then prepare your teeth for dental veneers and remove some of the enamel on your teeth to make room for the veneers to fit into. Then, you will receive temporary veneers to protect your smile while your permanent high quality dental veneers are crafted by best experts in porcelain veneers in LA. During your second and final visit, permanent dental veneers are installed, giving you the perfect, bright, healthy smile you desire.

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Charles Huang, DDS

Dentist, Owner

A Los Angeles native, Dr. Charles Huang, DDS attended the University of California, Santa Barbara and graduated with a Bachelors degree in Pharmacology. He went on to receiving a DDS degree from NYU.

Downtown LA Dentist Female Staff Member

Lesley Hugh, DDS

Associate Dentist

Kyung Lesley Hugh, DDS graduated from Columbia University Dental School in New York in 2015. She completed her post-graduate residency (GPR) at Montefiore, New York in 2016.


Anna Raith

Dental Hygienist

Anna Raith, Registered Dental Hygienist, has been working in dental field for over 7 years and joined River Dentistry office in 2016. She gratuated with honors and received a Western Periodontology Award.

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I highly recommend Dr. Charles Huang! He and his team are extremely friendly, honest with you about everything, and provide phenomenal services. They will always let you know any charges ahead of time and will never bill you for hidden fees. Hands down, best dentist I've ever had! (Yelp Review)

Wesley C. Los Angeles, CA

Dr. Charlie and his staff were friendly and took good care of me during my visit. I recommend if you are looking for a dentist to give River Dentistry a try. I HATE going to the dentist, but all my fears aside, they took great care to make sure I was comfortable through the procedures. Definitely recommended! (Yelp Review)

Michael O. Beverly Hills, CA

I recently moved to LA and was looking for a dentist. The Yelp reviews were 100% positive, so I had to check it out. From the very beginning each staff member was warm and friendly... and proceeded to do a great job. These guys are really great. Amazing customer service and genuine concern. A very satisfied customer 🙂 (Yelp Review)

Mala L. Los Angeles, CA

What a find! Needed a dentist in my area that was open on Saturday and, to my great pleasure, I found River Dentistry. I went in because of a chipped front tooth and came out with a fresh clean smile. Dr. Huang is amazing with his work and also with the care and attention he provides [to] his patients. (Yelp Review)

Mario D. Los Angeles, CA