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Invisalign Braces in Los Angeles

The Invisalign braces system is a combination of proprietary virtual modeling software, rapid manufacturing and customization, of virtually clear, removable appliances or “aligners” (also known as Invisalign braces) that are used to straighten teeth. The Invisalign braces system in Los Angeles is prescribed to patients through trained Invisalign orthodontists or general dentists. Although treatment time varies by patient, on average a patient requires one full year of treatment, which is equivalent to 24 sets of aligners.

Used to treat a wide range of clinical situations, Invisalign braces in Los Angeles address simple to complex cases and post-treatment retention and can provide you with a number of benefits and solutions to these common problems. To learn more about invisible braces in Los Angeles watch this invisible braces video.

If you’re thinking of getting Invisalign treatment in Los Angeles, consider the many benefits that will come with them. Unlike traditional braces, there are no brackets or wires. So it is generally agreed to be a more comfortable, less intrusive and more aesthetically pleasing orthodontic treatment. The other appealing aspect of Invisalign is that the aligners are created to suit your teeth and how you want them to look. Conventional braces are constantly being tightened and screwed in again as they lose their shape and tension every few weeks. Invisalign works more effectively and efficiently, exerting the right amount of pressure without the need for tightening. For you, that means fewer visits to the dentist.

Invisalign Retainer Removal

From mild cases of crooked teeth and protruding teeth, to much more difficult dental problems involving serious malocclusion, overbite, or underbite, Invisalign effectively corrects a wide variety of dental problems. Whether your teeth are widely gapped, overly crowded or somewhere in between, Invisalign braces are an affordable teeth straightening option for you. Contact our office today to learn more about Invisalign treatment or to schedule an appointment.

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Invisalign Braces in Los Angeles
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