Teeth Whitening in Los Angeles

We Offer Effective Zoom and Traditional Whitening in DTLA

In Los Angeles teeth whitening is one the most popular cosmetic dental services. A bright, white smile makes an amazing first impression. However, over time teeth lose their youthful luster and tobacco, coffee and tea, red wine, medications, and insufficient brushing contribute to discoloration.

Zoom Whitening in Los Angeles

But, in just one visit to River Dentistry – the premiere Los Angeles teeth whitening experts – you can enjoy a dazzling smile today, thanks to Zoom! whitening system. Your gums (including areas of recession), lips, and cheeks will be covered, leaving only your teeth exposed. Then a whitening gel is smoothed onto the teeth. A special light, designed to work with the Zoom! bleaching agent is directed at the gel to accelerate the whitening process. After 15 minutes, the gel is removed and a new layer applied. In just three applications, in about an hour, you’ll see instant, dramatic results: teeth that are seven-to-ten shades whiter.

Zoom in Los Angeles is Safe

The Zoom! dental whitening process is very safe since soft tissues are protected to minimize risk of sensitivity. However, Dr. Charles Huang will need to address active decay or gum disease prior to whitening. Your new smile will stay bright for about a year (heavy smokers and coffee drinkers may need a few touch-ups) and with good home dental care and whitening, the results may last even longer.

At Home Teeth Whitening in Los Angeles

If you prefer to whiten your teeth in the privacy of your own home, for your convenience River Dentistry also offers custom-fit take-home whitening trays. You will apply a prescription-grade whitening gel to the trays and wear them for about an hour each day. You’ll see improvement right away and full results in about two weeks. The trays can be used for occasional re-whitening as well.

Whiter teeth is one of the most effective ways to improve your look. And now effective Los Angeles teeth whitening is easier than ever to achieve. Contact River Dentistry today for the best deals on teeth whitening in Los Angeles and more information on Los Angeles teeth whitening using Zoom! or custom-fit dental trays.