4th of july independence day dentist specials los angeles

Happy Fourth of July from the doctors and staff of River Dentistry! We hope you enjoy the holiday, the food, the fireworks, and have a great time with your family and friends.

To help keep your Fourth of July party as joyful as possible, we’ve put together a few dental tips that will keep your smile as bright as the fireworks. And to help your smile sparkle like a firework we’d like you offer you this great 4th of July teeth whitening dental special – $120 for two sessions of Zoom whitening with optional teeth numbing for increased comfort! Also, keep checking the appointment scheduler and website for other promo codes and specials.

los angeles downtown dentist fireworks and dental whitening special

Fourth of July Foods

Ice and pretzels are common at Fourth of July parties. Try to avoid chewing on ice, and if the pretzels are a bit stale, try dunking them in some water before you take a bite. Even better, cheese, celery, and onions can all help keep your teeth and mouth healthy, and they should be in easy supply at your celebrations.

Day-long snacking is a common event at Independence Day celebrations. To help keep your teeth clean without bringing a toothbrush, try chewing on some sugarless gum. It will remove food particles and stimulate saliva production to wash holiday foods off your teeth.

Fourth of July Drinks

Beer and soda are usually the most popular beverages at Fourth of July parties, but make sure to alternate these drinks with water. This will help keep to cut down on calories and keep your teeth clean, keeping the pH normal in your mouth. As an added bonus, drinking lots of water usually helps to avoid hangovers.

And whatever you may drink, please do not try to open bottles with your teeth. This may sound ridiculous, but it happens more than you might think. When the bottle opener disappears, some people may resort to desperate tactics, and teeth are often involved. Beer bottle-related tooth injuries actually make up a large percentage of party-related dental problems. Don’t do it!

Now, after you and your teeth survived all the America’s birthday celebration food and fun, don’t forget to come in for your regular dental cleaning!

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