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October is not only the Halloween season but also the beginning of the open enrollment season, when you need to compare and select your options for dental insurance for next year as well as to make sure that you dot leave unused dental benefits for the year that’s ending.

River Dentistry accepts most PPO dental plans, but we want to help you choose s dental insurance provider that works the best for you and your loved ones. Provided your employer offers it, MetLife Dental may be one of your top dental insurance choices, as it is consistently rated in the top 5 dental plans by consumers. Our patients really like MetLife Dental insurance for their informative website and great customer support. Plus, some of the Downtown LA employers offer really sweet high-coverage MetLife Dental insurance plan that cover pretty much everything your teeth or your mouth may ever need.

One thing customers should look for in an online dental insurance company is information. When you first visit MetLife Dental website, you’ll notice that they feature a great deal of information that is organized into helpful sections. This allows users to visit the specific areas that contain the information that is most relevant to them. It can save them time, and also help them with the decision of which dental insurance company to choose for online dental insurance. The website is also very clean and non-cluttered, and is very easy to use. It also allows you to find a dentist that accepts MetLife insurance near you by zip code or address.

MetLife Dental Dentist Downtown Los Angeles

MetLife Dental insurance secure site allows individuals to enter their important information without the fear of having their identity stolen or having their credit damaged. The information is encrypted so that even if it is intercepted, it is virtually impossible for it to be used by con artists or scammers. MetLife Dental has online enrollment tool that can save you a lot of time, and you can utilize their dentist finder to locate a professional in your area. With individual and group plans, MetLife has different plans to suit your specific needs. Pre-certification is required.

Aside from the regular features offered by MetLife Dental, there are some additional features that stand out. For instance, you have the ability to fill out claims online, track claims to determine the status, and compare plans in order to determine which is the best for you and your individual needs.

Help and support is important from an online dental insurance company, and MetLife Dental offers a few different ways in which you can receive good customer service and support. The Frequently Asked Questions section on their website allows you to quickly browse and find the answers to common questions. Often, you can get the information you need right from this section with no need to call customer service. However, at times you’ll need to speak directly with a representative of MetLife Dental and you can do this by calling the numbers posted on the site. There is no email option or online chat.

MetLife Dental primarily deals with group and employee dental plans, so payments are made by the employer, not the employee. Traditionally, this means the employer will simply remove the premium payment directly from the employee’s paycheck.

Overall, MetLife Dental insurance seems to be a fairly good choice for most patients. However, it’s important that you research several online dental insurance companies in order to compare features and costs before making a decision. MetLife Dental offers a great deal of information on their website that is split up into organized sections to make it helpful for you. MetLife Dental insurance website provides a great deal of tools that make things easier for you and save you time. In addition, they have good customer service and support. If they would indicate what their payments are, individuals would be able to immediately see the difference between their company and others, making the decision a little easier. Still, they seem to be a good company to go with.

If you choose MetLife Dental PPO as your dental insurance plan, River Dentistry has a money-saving offer for you. If you are a new patient, we offer 10% off or no out-of-pocket cost for any treatment, including whitening, fillings, and crowns during your first visit to our Downtown Los Angeles Dental office. And as a MetLife PPO patient, you can get lifetime free Zoom! whitening annually as long as you complete your dentist-recommended treatment plan.

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