aetna dental dentist dtla los angeles review

The annual enrollment period has started and it will not last long. Do not procrastinate, because your dental insurance choice for the year is most likely going to determine which dentists you will be able to visit in 2015 and the quality of dental care you and your family are going to receive.

One of the most obvious choices are between HMO and PPO plans. Dental HMO plans as a rule have lower premiums and lower co-pays, but they also tend to limit the services you can receive as well as dentists in Los Angeles you can visit. We will discuss the differences between HMO and PPO dental plans in our final post of the series. As a rule, River Dentistry accepts most PPO dental plans, but we want to help you choose dental insurance that will work best for you and gives you best coverage at a reasonable cost.

Aetna Dental is one of the offerings of Aetna, a large health insurance company with extensive product list and even larger geographic coverage. Aetna Dental offers an extensive dentist network around the country and Southern California, including many Aetna Dental PPO dental offices in Los Angeles. River Dentistry is one of the Aetna Dental PPO dentists in LA.

Aetna Dental PPO Dentist Los Angeles

On Aetna Dental website for individual customers, you’ll see that there’s a great deal of information neatly organized into categories that make it easy for you to find the information you need. The site is very clean and user-friendly, with tools for members organized on one side and informational links organized on the other.

Aetna Dental website is secure and offers a detailed side by side comparison of different dental insurance plans they offer, from dental PPO to dental HMO to dental indemnity plans, including premium and co-pay costs . Conveniently, you can enroll online and receive an online quote. With the dentist finder feature, you can locate a dentist in Los Angeles area that can provide the dental services you need. There are individual and group (employer) plans available. Also, there’s no pre-certification requirement.

In addition to features fairly common for dental insurance companies’ websites, Aetna Dental website offers many convenient features that help it stand out. For instance, you can fill out all claim forms online, which is convenient and may save you some time. You can also track your claims online. Overall, Aetna Dental website seems to be very competitive, when it comes down to tools and services offered.

Customer service and support you receive from your dental insurance company are very important. When you have a question or concern, you need to be able to get an answer as soon as possible, whether you are a customer or simply considering your options. Aetna Dental website provides many ways for you to receive help and support, starting with their online FAQ’s. In many cases, you can find answers to your questions just by reading through this section. But if you need to, you can also chat or speak with a customer service representative over the phone. Unlike many companies, Aetna Dental has contact email addresses and phone numbers listed on their website, so you can quickly contact someone to help you resolve your issue or answer your question. With Aetna Dental, you can also conveniently make your premium payments online.

Overall, Aetna Dental seems to be very competitive in all aspects of their dental offerings and is one of the most popular PPO dental insurance providers among our patients. They make it easy for you to manage your account and track insurance claims online. Their help and support is very good as well, and the information available on the website makes it easy for you to get all the answers and help you may need.

If you choose Aetna Dental PPO as your dental insurance plan, River Dentistry has a special dental PPO new patient offer for you. If you are a new patient for our office, we can offer you 10% off or no out-of-pocket cost for any treatment, including whitening, fillings, and crowns on your first visit to our Downtown Los Angeles dentist office. And as a Aetna Dental PPO patient, you can get lifetime free Zoom! whitening annually as long as you continue to complete your dentist-recommended treatment plan.

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