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Easter greetings and Happy Passover from your friends at River Dentistry in downtown Los Angeles. Our Los Angeles dentists and staff wish you and your family a wonderful and joyful holiday. May you be surrounded be those you love most!

Easter has always been a time to celebrate with family and friends. Originally involving the trading of eggs painted in bright colors, the tradition has evolved into a chance to gorge on something less teeth-friendly – chocolate Easter eggs.

While it’s an exciting time for children, Easter egg hunts and their sugary prizes can spell disaster for their and their parents’ teeth. So, how can you make sure you protect your teeth without ruining all the fun?

easter greetings and sweets guide from los angeles dentist

You can still enjoy the abundance of Easter confectionery without running the risk of damaging their smiles. The trick is to eat sweets at the end of a meal, rather than constantly nibbling throughout the day. Frequent eating of sugary food and drinks is far worse for the teeth than the amount you actually eat.

After eating sugar, teeth are under acid attack for up to an hour, so if you can reduce the number of occasions you eat sugary stuff throughout the day, you also limit the amount of time that your teeth are susceptible to damage from it. This is really important over Easter when both children and adults eat more sugary foods than normal.

It is also important to drink enough water every time after you eat Easter candy. Dry mouth is more conducive to acid-producing bacteria, while drinking water helps with re-hydration and increasing salivary flow. Chewing on sugar-free gum will also help with the production of saliva and removal of sticky candy residue.

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