dental insurance benefits expire save money

You may be too busy to remember about your teeth, dental insurance, or employee benefits this holiday season, but your 2013 dental insurance benefits are about to expire for the current year. Don’t lose out and make sure you take advantage of the dental insurance coverage you or your employer had already paid for.

Since most dental plans run from January 1st to December 31st, chances are your dental insurance benefits will expire next months. Your dental claims for 2013 must be processed by the year’s end to avoid losing your annual dental benefits. Unfortunately, any unused dental insurance benefits will not roll over to the next year and will simply expire. So, do not delay and get that new filling, crown, root canal, extraction, cleaning, whitening, or clear braces you always wanted. Can’t find a perfect Christmas gift for yourself? Your insurance may even cover the cost of a high-tech tooth brush, which will make your teeth both happier and healthier.

Don't Lose Money on Dental Insurance Benefits

Plus, taking care of your dental health needs now could spare you the aggravation and added expense of a dental emergency during the holidays. Here at River Dentistry – patients favorite downtown LA dental office – we promise best quality materials, virtually painless procedures, friendly and caring staff, flexible hours, and, of course, low everyday prices and unbeatable specials.

To use your dental insurance benefits before they run out, give us a call at 213-486-000 or email us with questions or for an appointment and let’s get started on your dental care right away!