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Happy Holidays from River Dentistry

Happy Holidays from all of us at River Dentistry! We sincerely hope that you are enjoying the warmth of this holiday season with your loved ones and want to send you warm season’s greetings for a joyful holiday with family and friends. Having a hard time getting into the holiday spirit? Let these 12 reasons […]

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Thanksgiving Food for Dental Health

Happy Thanksgiving! We hope your holiday is filled with traditions that uplift you, loved ones who inspire you, family and friends who love and appreciate you, and Thanksgiving treats that make you not only happier but healthier. Out of all the holidays you celebrate throughout the year, Thanksgiving is the one that is most centered […]

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Best and Worst Halloween Candy for Your Teeth

Happy Halloween! Every Halloween we offer you a spooktacular Halloween special as our treat and as a way to help you with Halloween candy damage recovery. But have you ever wondered (or asked your favorite Los Angeles dentist) which candies are better and which candies are worse for your teeth? Of course, from all dental […]

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What to Do in Dental Emergency in Los Angeles

Toothaches, dental traumas, and other dental emergency in Los Angeles can be painful and scary. It is important to get examined and treated as soon as possible by a licensed dentist (and not by an assistant as it often happens at many of the Los Angeles 24/7 dental clinics). This can often mean the difference […]

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Emergency Dental Care & Emergency Dentist in Downtown LA

What is dental emergency? Basically, any dental problem that requires immediate treatment by emergency dentist in order to save a tooth, stop bleeding, or alleviate severe pain is considered a dental emergency. A severe dental emergency, like infection or abscess, can be life threatening and should be treated immediately. Dental emergencies are extremely common: in […]