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Invisalign in Los Angeles

Invisalign in Los Angeles

Everyone wants a beautiful confident smile, but misaligned teeth can impact confidence at school, work, and social situations. However, many people don’t like the idea of wearing conventional metal braces for one-to-three years. And now there is a clear alternative: clear braces from River Dentistry, the premier provider of Invisalign Los Angeles.

Dr. Charles Huang completed advanced training for Invisalign Los Angeles and has the comfort level with this treatment that comes from years of experience with successfully transforming smiles. He is a certified preferred provider of Invisalign Los Angeles Downtown. Our patients come to us because they trust us and because we constantly attend continuous education courses to keep our staff up-to-date with ongoing changes in the technology.

The Invisalign Los Angeles treatment uses top-of-the-line technology to custom design aligner trays for each patient. You are given a new set every two weeks to facilitate your progress. Computer-aided manufacturing techniques and laser technology create the aligners that are specifically designed only for you.

We’ll take impressions of your teeth and send them to Invisalign Los Angeles along with digital photographs and X-rays of your mouth. Using this information and state-of-the-art imagery technology, their lab will create a digital reproduction of your mouth and then design a series of aligners to gradually straighten your teeth without brackets and wires. You’ll see quick improvement and the finished product in a relatively short period of time. And, you’ll have fewer interim visits than with conventional braces.

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Invisalign braces are clear, comfortable plastic trays and work well for the majority of cases, from teens to adults. They are virtually undetectable, and have none of the discomfort associated with getting used to fixed metal braces. Invisalign in Los Angeles offers the same level of results but with a new kind of flexibility and convenience, perfect for today’s active individuals. However, for severe bite problems we may refer you to an expert orthodontist in Los Angeles.

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Invisalign Los Angeles
Want straighter teeth without hassle? In addition to best quality, most comfortable dental care in LA and low prices, we currently offer this Invisalign special!

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